Mint spawns naturally in its 2-block form. It can also spawn as a crop in villages. Crops drop mint seeds and mint leaves. Naturally spawning mint drops leaves and sometimes seeds

Candy Workbench

Used to craft candy

Candy Log

Behaves like normal logs


Cool looking block. Can be dyed any color and can be hung on the side of a neighboring block of from the above block. Faces the player upon placing. Spawns on houses in villages.

Snow Globe

Looks Cool. Version made with diamond snowflake will send player to the Kringle when looked at for long enough.

Candy Leaves

Do not degrade like normal leaves. Spawn on candy trees and kringle trees.

Ice Bricks

Four styles, crafted using other ice bricks and ice blocks (gathered with ice drill).

Candy Planks

Planks from candy logs.

Fire Place

A flaming block that will not start fires. Will set the player on fire unless they are wearing a Santa suit. Will warm nearby players.

Candy Beacon

Transports the player back to the overworld when stood on for long enough.

Frosted Window Pane

A frosty blue glass pane.


3 different types: thin, normal, and fancy. Light value of 10/11. Can be placed on top of blocks. Can be made any color

Christmas Lights

Multiple colors can be place on in a single block (see picture on forum). Turned on/off using light plug

Light Plug

Uses redstone to turn christmas lights on and off.


Warms nearby players.

Christmas Torch

Torch crafted with kringle materials.

Kringle Wart

Festive mushrooms!

Kringle Ores

New Ores!